Sunday, 7 December 2008


OK well, as you all know i never wanted to do this tag because for many reasons it's really hard choosing one person and to write about them well i'm gonna try do it so MEEMZ WON'T CRY!!;P J/K

but first i would like to talk about these few people Journal Entry your such a sweet person Zara no matter how many words i say to show all the people how amazing you are yet it's never enough Balqees you are a crazy girl and a girl i would hang out with soul portrait one word that describes you which is FABOULIOUS oohhh and sadia, GIRL YOU ARE ONE GREAT FUNKY AMAZING SWEET GIRRL!! P.ANONYMOUS i know you don't comment alot here but you are such a sweet girl SE7EN you are one funny dude ĐǻñĎõøðñ your friends are so lucky to have you Ðark D. where the heck are you?!;p zwena i love your craziness libero anima you are such a cutie pie ZON man your post are always on fire love them princess famme and nemo you guys are sweet and i love your posts and FOURME i love your ATTITUDE!!

but the tag said i shoud pic one person and i have to write a name well guess what i am not gonna write this person name but i'm gonna talk about him or her but i'm sure that person knows who he or she is!!;p

name: n/a

well all i want to say about this person is that this person is such a great person a person you could trust a person that could be your best friend and a caring one too a person that you could always find through good times and the bad times too!! all i could say about this person is that that person is truly one of a kind!! and a sweet heart too!! if i am open for one more friend i'll be open for you!!

Saturday, 6 December 2008


i'm sorry i havn't been posting for a while!!

now that i'm home i feel so much better

anyways i was thinking latley why? why do i miss being home where the place i grew up? well, when i thought about it wasn't much it was only that i missed

my highschool friends

and their stupid truth and dare games

and my house that has so much memories of my parents and some of the pics i took of them when i was 6 till 18 year old

and one of my highschool best friend's cake which is soo delicious!!

anyways when i entered the house it was full of dust and every thing was packed into boxes and as soon as i entered the house i started to unpack some of the boxes to see what was inside them and the first box i opened was fulled with photo albums i stated flipping through the pages and watching each pic and as i was flipping i noticed that a drop of tear fill on one of the pics then i realized that i was crying i leaft the albums and ran up to my room and unwrapped my bed so i could rest for a while.

when i woke up i thought i should call some friends and hang out in a restraunt so we did and we had soo much fun 2 of them were engaded and 1 was married and the other 4 were just dating and as for the girls they were all dating!!

soo... i am really happy here it's like freedom and the weather the weather is amazing!!

and if you have any question feel free to ask!!;p

ps: zara can i not do the tag

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


well, first of all i want you all to know that I'M GONNA TRAAVEL TO AMERICAA!!;p tomorrow!!;p

oky well today i'm gonna talk about work since everyone are having there break so my friend and i were sitting together and looking at magazines and we past by of really really hoot pics off guys!! you know these calvin klien's boxers and those type of pics where men are topless!!;p well as we were melting at how hot and awesome these guys looked our boss past by and he was like.....i7m i7m!! with a weird look at his face and we were like... ummmm nothing happened...nothing happened...and i went back to my seat it was really imbaressing!!

soo anyways it's over...and i am gonna talk about my amazingly hot favoriate actor...

you know lipstick jungle right?! do you know kirby- Robert Buckley anyways he is hooooot!!

here are some pics and you judge...
with a shirt.....without a shirt ahhhhhhhhh

more of ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
ohhhh my god!!

*toota falls of the sofa*

oky i have to stop hurting myself but really he's 27 i'm 26 i'm the perfect age!! do you guys think there is a chance?!;p i know i know i have to forget about it!! it's never gonna happen!!;p

PS: i have been tagged by zara and i don't know who to write about but i think i know a person that i might write about!!;p

Monday, 1 December 2008

it's your day!!

Once a year, It arrives. Sometimes good, Although sometimes bad... Nothing else matters, On this day that only happens Once a year...

An anniversary really, The most special day of the year... No matter how people act, Some good, Although some bad... Nothing else matters, On this day that only happens Once a year...

Life may seem bad at times, Like it cant possibly get worse, Or better for that matter... But cheer up, This means youve made it To another mile marker, Another year made alive, Somewhat good, Although somewhat bad... Nothing else matters, On this day that only happens Once a year...

So cherish it, Take it all in... Enjoy it for what it is... The anniversary of your birth Happens but once a year... Nothing else matters, But that youve made it, To the most important day, The best day of the year...

Happy Birthday 3alooya,
May you enjoy this one,
And many more...

Fuck anyone who dare make it seem like a bad day..!!;p

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Things that don't make sense

these are question that keep bugging me!!

Why do people say they slept like a baby. Did they cry all night and keep their parents up? or did they wake up every two hours like what babies do ?

Why are there locks on the doors of stores or restruants that are open 24/7?

When Dog Food says new and inproved taste..who tested it?

Why doesn’t Tarzan have a beard? i thought he lived all his life in a jungle!! i7m i7m i like tarzan!!

Does pushing the elevator button more than once make it arrive faster? if not why do the ppl keep doing it!!

ps: this is for the girls are there any treatment for the hair my hair keep falling ALOT lately!! help plz!!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

stolen: 50 things about me...

1) i'm short. to the piont where ppl in work call me tootee the shortee (don't borther asking me how tall i am cause i don't know and i'm not gonna cheak!!)
2) i'm 26 turning 27 on august 16
3) this is my favorite number
4) if i would choose what kind of blooded person i am i would say a that i'm a cold blooded person
5) my ears iches me when i feel shy
6) i like reading but not really long books cause i get bored easily
7) even though i'm a female i drive a motorcycle
8) i'm a smoker
9)i don't forgive easily
10)i love my GRANNY
11)i have one best friend
12) i've been in america all my life and i came to kuwait for college and to live the rest of my life here
13)I love nail polish
14) my favoirte color is RED!!
15) i'm in bed and 10-11 sharp therefore i've been teased by my friend and called chicken
16) i have feelings and a heart too (weird one but i doo!!)
17) i'm always on msn
18) i'm a trust worthy
19) i don't do gossip
20) i do alot of mistakes
21) i love mcdonald's veggie burger
22) i drink redbull everday
23) i'm really really sick i don't mean sick as in a flew i live on medications
24) on 3eed i drive from kuwait to bahrain with my friend it's a tradtion that we made up
25) i don't have a family all i have is my granny which is my family
26) i live alone
27) i do sudouks every morning before i drive to work
28) i eat only two meals a day beside the snacks
29) i never had a dream that made sence
30) i HATE babies their too wierd looking creatures!!
31) i'm a vegetarian
32) i love animals
33) i like watching tv
34) i love my granny chocolate pie it tastes like socks but i like it
35) i like watching gay ppl walk by cause they're proud of their selfs
36) i hate kuwaity cops
37) i hate teenage boys that do their hair all pumped up i once made one cry because he was calling me beautiful and all!!
38) i was drunk once but it wasn't my problem
39) It's my dream that I have wife and kids who are riders like me and we can all ride together. amu that's my dream!!
40) i am in love with speed
41) i'm a sucessful businesswoman and i take work seriously
42) i was in love once and promised not to love again
43) i am one of a kind
44) i am who i am i dont care what people say about me
45) i hate the last 7eejab style they look too weird and discusting!!
46) i'm a strong and an honest person
47) i like my life the way it is ow il7imdillah 3allah kil 7al
48) i'm a happy person but no body wants to see the other side of me
49) i love my ipod
50) i'm my typical me!!

5 thing that piss me off!!

well these are a couple off things that piss me off...

1 People who point at their wrist while
asking for the time. I know where my watch is,
buddy...where the hell is yours?

2 People who ask, "Can I ask you a question?"
Didn't really give me a choice there, did
ya buddy?

3 When a cop pulls you over and then asks
if you know how fast you were going. "You should
know, asshole. You're the one that pulled me

4 when i go to a restruant and i go insane
you know af9il with my friend a girl look at me
in a weird way and says"AMBY AYSHAY"
hey how about you mind your own business
beside that sentence is so last year can't you
find another sentence!!

5 People who play music on they cell phones
in public. If you have money for a fancy cell
phone, I’m sure you’ll find some money for some
fancy earphones too.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008


well today suck... why cause i just came back from my granny's house!! and i had a harsh day in work you know that presentation work and all!! it was simply boring!! anyways enough from the work cause i totally don't wanna talk about it!!

well, i know what you you guys are thinking about what happened to me and my granny well, first thanx to all you cause for persuding me to stay and talk to her and thank god to the work for pissing me off and yeah i almost forgot my ray and thanx for my ray too!!

anyways when i arrived i told my self that i could do it!! and when i opened the door my granny came running to me she was soo happy she was like "follow me follow me"
i followed her to the kitchen and she was like "sooo did you come up with an answer" and i was like silient and silient..trying to take a deep breath....she was looking at me in a wierd look and said "it's oky it's oky i know that your shy!!" well she started to tell me how handsome the guy is and how she is soo happy and that she is gonna give me her jewlary to wear which was worn but her ancestors...and i stopped her i was like MAMAAAAAAA STOP STOP!!

she was like yeah... i told her i do not wanna get married!! weather you like it or not i am not gonna get married!!
she started crying!!.....and crying....after a few words.....STILL CRYING!!...and she gave me a full lecture on how my mom told her to take care of me!! and that she is responsable of what i do till the day she dies!!...

well, at least i'm not gonna get married!!

i'm watching meet dave and it's changing my mood cause it's soo damn funny!!;p

here i wanna ask you guys a question from the do you feel love?!;p

ps: zwena i changed the color!!;p

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

i'm leaving!!

after work i went to grannies house and she told me that she found a perfect guy for me and i told her that i didn't wanna get married!! cause i really do not wanna get marries to a guy that do not know me and certainly doesn't love me!! so i disagreed with her!! she told me that it's not up to me!! well it is!! but i didn't wanna "akser 5a6eer'ha" so i told that we'll talk about it later!!

so i am thinking of leaving the country for days!! until she forgets!!

WELL, amu you wanted some pics of my ride well her are some couple!!;p

me and my friend at work!!

at my granny's house!!

what do you think of my new pumped up wheeel looks!!;p

il fayeeeeer!! it's amazing!!

i got alot of pic i'll update later and this time it's gonna be in america if i go so i what do think should i go or or stay if stay what do i tell my granny!!

Monday, 24 November 2008


i'v been driving yesterday with my friend and then that guy in car just simple cut through it's like we are not even driving!! my friend got really mad that she drove next to the guy and looked at him but he couldn't see her face cause she was wearing a helmet and raised her middle finger and past the guy and followed me!! i don't know why?!... but this is not the first time it had happened to us!! i mean is it because we are females or is it because we drive motorcycles not cars!! all i want to say to those who drive cars please Respect us motorcycles raiders on The Road. and ya we need space too on the road in our lanes. oky we are small but we do need our own space if it's that hard to give us space just pretend that we are cars on the streets but in a diffrent shape!!

so all i'm asking for is that we need space and don't just cut us through!!;p thanks!!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

it's all about me!!

well, i'm toota that's what my friends call me!!;p well, all i can say that my life is an open book nothing is keep inside locked away from the people's eyes!!;p my parents past away 6 years ago on january 15 therefore i hate january (sorry to those people who's birthday are on january)!! well ever scince they have past away i've been crazy about motorcycle infact i have one!! i ride it daily!! yes daily i can't live without it!! ummm....what else?!;p.......yaaaah i believe that every person goes through love and the sickness of being dumbed and left alone in the darkness were no one knows what the hell is wrong with you!! and why are your eyes swallon and your face is yellow!! and why everytime someone incrouges you to eat but you don't have the feeling to eat!! all you want to do is cry all day!! for a person that doesn't even deserves it!! but you know what I GOT OVER HIM and i never loved again!!

ps: i don't know about you but i totally want that bike!! isn't hooot!! if i had it i would call it sexy mama

Saturday, 22 November 2008


HOLLA THIS IS MY FIRST POST!!;P and certainly not my first blog so all i wanna say holla to u all !!;p