Thursday, 7 May 2009

Fuck it.

ALL of it!

You need to tell that little nagging voice that takes the form of your mother, father, ex-lover, dog, sister, brother, friend, Satan, etc. to SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY.

Let's do it! All of us! 1, 2, 3......


WHOO! Children! i think my neighbors heard that one!!;p

Feel better? Just a bit? Good, because this is just the beginning! Work with me now, c'mon!

So I may not get anywhere with my work? Pfft. Big fucking deal. I'm suppose to be having fun with it! As long as others enjoy their work, i'm happy. I need to mix my mentality and my gift together to make others have joy. It makes ME happy!

I have been called a drama queen with her head stuck up her by supposed friends. Children?


Kids say the damndest things, don't they?

AND PPL WONDER why in the world i hate children well now you know!! long as they spell my name right...I will never EVER give a flying fuck about what he said she said and blah blah blah about mentality and my stupidty. Besides those people are too fucking boring. And they can kiss my juicy fat white ASS because your mentality is that of a sponge.

Fuck 'em.

okay...SORRY GUYS 7ADII IM6ANSHA IL BLOG, MSN and everything!! bas i got to many problems and tons of work and imma about to travel for toota's wedding!!;p too bad it's not in kuwait...

yours truly,