Saturday, 2 January 2010

HNY: No resolutions no ba6eekh...

Hela Bish, 7aay Mn 3ax Ityjaah Ilree7 Ou Jaabish...
shinu kint bagooul??;p eeh

ou JANUARY mu rathy i5ali9!! I want february... 25-26!!:D
okay 3ad agoulikom now that 2009 is over and its time for a new start, everyone is given another chance to make everything right ou bla bla blaa...ilmohim mu hatha mawthoo3naa..

SO it's new year o i bet everyone has their new year's resolutions ready!

3ad agoulkom ana this year i decided to start the year with no resaloutions and no promises... I mean what's the point in having them when i know ina im never going to accomplish them... eeh wallah ba3ad hatha i9ij.. ag3ad afaker ou a3wer rasii shinu i need to fix ou bla bla bla..ou a5er shay it5ali9 isina wanna hahahaay... ilwriga it5iznii ou itgoulii malat 3alich!;p

NEVERMIND ME! what are some of your new year's resolutions??