Friday, 7 May 2010

3a6oonee Raykom!;*

So yesterday i was really bored fa gilt aswee banner 7ag my other blog

e9ra7a 3ajabnii wayed ou gilt since im doing the banner 5al i post mara wa7da...

ilmohim cheak it out, read the post, o 3a6ounii raykom!;$

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

bagoulkom sha'3la

laish ilkuwaiteen ligafaa? okay okay MU KILHOM bas most of the kuwaities ligafa? like almost 95% of the kuwaitii population feehom hal 6abi3..

ok take me for an example 7adii malgoofa... lay daraja inii i drove to my cousins house to drive his new car just to see how it feels like 6ab3an while he was asleep

BUT WAIT,,, just to be clear i did not STEAL the car the keys were on the table so it was given to me... and if thats not an excuse then let me tell you this gabel cham youm i asked him if i can drive his car 6AB3AN KAL 3ADA galii LAAAA2! faa 7anaat chan igoulii "okay ba3daan"... AL7EEEEN wasnt that a yes? haa? haa? eeh 3abalii ba3ad faaa i did NOT steal it!

ilmohim ina ma daraa 3an isalfaa dert feeha ou radaait ou 7a6ait ilkeys ibmokanhom woho lal7een nayem;p

anyways bu6bai3 mayouz 3an 6ab3a!;p

Saturday, 2 January 2010

HNY: No resolutions no ba6eekh...

Hela Bish, 7aay Mn 3ax Ityjaah Ilree7 Ou Jaabish...
shinu kint bagooul??;p eeh

ou JANUARY mu rathy i5ali9!! I want february... 25-26!!:D
okay 3ad agoulikom now that 2009 is over and its time for a new start, everyone is given another chance to make everything right ou bla bla blaa...ilmohim mu hatha mawthoo3naa..

SO it's new year o i bet everyone has their new year's resolutions ready!

3ad agoulkom ana this year i decided to start the year with no resaloutions and no promises... I mean what's the point in having them when i know ina im never going to accomplish them... eeh wallah ba3ad hatha i9ij.. ag3ad afaker ou a3wer rasii shinu i need to fix ou bla bla bla..ou a5er shay it5ali9 isina wanna hahahaay... ilwriga it5iznii ou itgoulii malat 3alich!;p

NEVERMIND ME! what are some of your new year's resolutions??