Wednesday, 28 January 2009

hmmm...just another day

well, i drove my cbr for second time this week btw i don't really feel like driving these days but anyways...i did and at that time i was with really best current as we were driving i went to the "khaldiya" i love their drinks so we did't find any place to park so i had to park far...when i returned there were two male bikers blocking us from driving away from away from theprking lot...and this is what happened

3alooya: toota shiftay hathylee ilmayaneen!!

me: yes what do they want...

3alooya: i don't know ROO7AY SI2LAAAY!! tara wallah a5aaaf they look scary ow ba3adan toota you know me i have this big phobia of men!!-


3alooya: i owe mee THANX!!

me: kay kay

*toota turning towards the two men*

me: excuse me...

boy1 aka (dumb): halllaaaa wallaaah hellla (i think that was some kinda pick up line?!correct me if i'm wrong)

boy2 aka (ass): nawar nawaaar

me: thanx...but you do realize that your parking in the wrong place do u?

boy2: i7mm i7mm asfeen itha az3jnaakooom!!

me: soo...are you gonna moove!! *staring at them at a wtf?! way*

boy1: weeeeell, we are not gonna make a move until you tell us your name or your number!!

me: excuse me!! are you kidding me!!! how old are you 21?! *still starting in a wtf?! way*

boy 1: HAHAHAHAAA!! walllaaaah 7ilwwwa minich!! bas la2

*3aloooya stilll panicing*


boy 1: soo is toota what they call you!!

boy2 :*mocking boy 1* yaaa shinhaa 3alaaah ilsaaanik!!

me: *angry* I NEED TO GO...

boy1: okayy...

*boy1&2 move*

and we rolll

after a few seconds i realized they were following us!! we tried soooo hard too lose them but we couldn't they were really good!!

i pulled over...


boy2: hmmmm...welll the only reasoon i followed you is that abeeeich ta36eeen hal 7ilwa ily warach my number... and you can get rid of me!!

*boy 2 goes back to his bike*

boy 1 still standing

me: soo are you guys gonna leave us alone now!!

boy 1: weeell 3all 7asabb...itha 5athaty raqmee a5alich itr007en...bas itha marthatay bal7gich!!

me: okay is that suppost to scare me?!

boy 1: your really tough girls would normally take my number by now!!

me: and you did that before!! and who told u that i was dumb!!

boy 1: pleasee take it and you don't have to call but i really wish that you would thanx!! *runs away before i say no*

PS: 3alooooya wrote this post in my point of view!!


Friday, 23 January 2009


what the hell
do you think it's a joke
are you out of your mind
why would you lie to me
i can't believe you
you backstabbing
i'm overdose on somking and on coffee!!
all i wanna do is either scream or sleep!!
but i can't scream cause my voice is gone so i'll have to take my sleeping pills just to make the pain go awaaaay

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Lessons Taught In Life...

Everything portrays the perfect someting,
whether it be the body,
or the mind, the family,
perhaps even the person.
People expect too much,
too much to handle.
Depression squirms in,
making itself at home.

To have the perfect body, diet.
To have the perfect mind, no friends.
To have the perfect family, impossible.
To be the perfect person, unimaginable.

Don't change yourself,
if you don't like who it is.
Be happy with who you are,
no matter what anyone says.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

CAUTION words hurt!!

Not once in my life have I ever felt so dead...

So broken so terrified so scared of what they've said...

There selfishness has made them blind...

perhaps one day they'll wake up and think of these times..

maybe someday they'll see what they did to me how they wouldn't leave us alone...

wouldn't let us be...I guess they can't face the fact that we are perfect & They're not...

so they try to ruin us with every thought...anything they can think of to tear us apart...

why on earth would they want to break our hearts...

we are stronger then anything I've seen before...

have there eyes been ripped out? Have they fallen to the floor?...

I don't understand....and I don't think I ever will..

I make my own decisions on my own free will...

We are not perfect...yet they'll never see...that in the'll just be You & Me.

this is for the racist people that can't leave me and my friend alone just because i'm half kuwaiti and because we drive motorcycles which doesn't mean we're wrong!!;/

soooo...FUCK YOU ALL racist bastereds

& hope you all die in vain while we rest in peace!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Let's make the world a better place

The climate is changing And we leave the Earth to whither away While at the same time we’re fighting a war for oil With debts we can’t repay

Politicians are pointing the same old fingers And the mass media gets its ratings By making sure that the same old hatred and fear lingers

It’s on the Internet, now Campaign ads and slogans too Trying to make mindless fools Of the youth

Why don’t we put our focus Where it needs to be Let’s stop this pettiness To make a better world for you and me

Instead of giving arms To the agents of our own agenda Why don’t we help the citizens of Gaza To give a home to the defenseless

Or take a look at Sudan Take some of that money To repair that ravaged land And give real meals to the hungry

Why don’t we put our focus Where it needs to be Let’s stop this pettiness To make a better world for you and me

We’re squabbling over who has nuclear weapons Like children whining over toys Didn’t anyone ever think Maybe we can just put them all away

And if a man raises a question About our morality He’s arrested by means of hearsay It’s like we’re back in the days of Joseph McCarthy

What good is the love of a country Living in anger and hostility If we can’t even come together As members of humanity

Why don’t we put our focus Where it needs to be Let’s stop this pettiness To make a better world for you and me

ps:i wrote this as a song and it turned out to be a great song!!;p

Monday, 5 January 2009

what freaks me out

oky here is the thing... i'm gonna tell you what freaks me out...and you don't laugh!!


oky then


red children

chicken pox

ants but not cockroaches

squishy things

sticky hands

quiet kids >>you never know what they're thinking!!



well i do have some fears of other things but i don't remember them but if i remember them i'll update this post!!;p

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year

hey hey.... i know i know your all mad about me for leaving without saying anything

to be honest i wanted to stop blogging and all but then something real hard hit my mind and said TOOTA WAKE UP what are you doing!!

i can't even remember the last time i met people in a short period of time that not only have they been my friends but stood beside me and cared for and worried for me too!!






well for the resoultions

i have one thing since every year i would go for lose wieght even though i'm perfectly thin but this year i thought for some CHANGE!! and that change would be to stop being DEPRESSED!!