Saturday, 2 January 2010

HNY: No resolutions no ba6eekh...

Hela Bish, 7aay Mn 3ax Ityjaah Ilree7 Ou Jaabish...
shinu kint bagooul??;p eeh

ou JANUARY mu rathy i5ali9!! I want february... 25-26!!:D
okay 3ad agoulikom now that 2009 is over and its time for a new start, everyone is given another chance to make everything right ou bla bla blaa...ilmohim mu hatha mawthoo3naa..

SO it's new year o i bet everyone has their new year's resolutions ready!

3ad agoulkom ana this year i decided to start the year with no resaloutions and no promises... I mean what's the point in having them when i know ina im never going to accomplish them... eeh wallah ba3ad hatha i9ij.. ag3ad afaker ou a3wer rasii shinu i need to fix ou bla bla bla..ou a5er shay it5ali9 isina wanna hahahaay... ilwriga it5iznii ou itgoulii malat 3alich!;p

NEVERMIND ME! what are some of your new year's resolutions??


Ahmed's 819 said...

thats the spirit, no Resolutions no ba6ee5 ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey supermodel! My new years resolution is to
Be awesomely amazinger then last year!! ;)
U think I can do it!

I tried posting from my google but it
Took forever so I'm anonymus today!! ;p

No identity.. said...

Happy new year to you.... same here no spacific resloutions...just enjoy life the way it is ... you are missed walla...

Ms_Aq8 said...

omg hahahahaha ur post is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!

3afya 3alaich fakaitay nafsch mn il resolution ;p

ana mo resolution per se, bs 3ndee few stuff i wanna change aw do, bs bedait feeha mn last year, y3ny mo bs 3ashan its a new year i'll start feehum !

o salamtch

Another-Penelope said...

Happy new year :D

NotMartha said...

No Resolutions No Ba6eekh !

mrayty said...

i agree!

bala resolutions bala ba6eekh! =D

Faith said...


Standy said...

lool.. happy new year =D
i couldnt believe my eyes when isaw your name..

hehe.. so are you back wala ????

zain, i dont want to tell you my new years reselution 3ashan you will steal them.. enty ma ta3arfi what you want to do and you want us to tell you then you will have like 100 and you choose 50 and you MAKE THEM YOURS =p

ha kaif, 3ajabish el ta7leel mal Standy =p


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year 3alooya! Mmm about the new year resolutions, I guess I wanna lose weight and graduate!

Btw how's Toota?

zuz said...

allaah eshtahait akil ba6ee5 :o!

A Journal Entry said...

happy new year!
oo i agree.. it's better not to have resolutions ;)

Ego said...

thumps up sis.. i've never had any new year's resolutions..
but last year was my first time to have a list and to my surprise i've done everything on that paper so yay me!! but never again, didnt have a list for this year.. i konw i was just lucky last year and didnt wanna push it lol

Crystal said...

Resolutions never last more than a month anyways lol

iliveinq8 said...

I'd keep it for the fate to decide :p

Anonymous said...

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