Thursday, 16 April 2009

just being random

  • i have a new dog!!
  • i had a fight
  • a real CATFIGHT
  • i'm trying trying TO DO a diet i lost 3 kilos!!;p
  • hmmmm...I REALIZED that i cant live without redbull
  • waiit let me eat chocolate and let this one be the last!!
  • I've been reading;/
  • i havent went to the ave or any other mall for a month
  • i'm downloading FAMILY GUY
  • NEVER EVER EVER watch.......MARLEY AND ME!! it's stupid!! what happened to happy endings!!
  • NEW haircut
  • toota's wedding is a month from now
  • i think my brother is gay...i dont know....HE'S WATCHING gossip girl the lamest show ever
  • i've decided to buy a car!! a SIMPLE one!!
  • i think...u know what...never mind this one!!
  • i'm not HAPPY
  • my bother's wife has a new born baby (IT'S A....GIRL)
  • happy birthday ZON


Anonymous said...

cham maraagol 3aib tetarye3een @@

Anonymous said...

catfight :O

3aliya said...


ee catfight!!

No identity.. said...

1: now tell us why catfight?
2: you HAVE to leave withour redbull..
3: tooot's weedding soon, yaaay that sound nice love weddings is she bing bridzelaa... ;P
4: simple car!?
5: why not happy? sis's weding soon and new nice in the family... y not happy?! :(

3aliya said...

No identity..
well the catfight it's really stupid...I LOVE REDBULL!

yes she's being a bridezila!!;p

yeah a simple car...

i dont know why i'm not happy!!;/

Anonymous said...

shlon o meta o laish :O

o most important who won !!! :P

3aliya said...

well i think i told you about 7ilma once!!

well i hate that girl so i fought with her and punched her good thing...she knows how to fight back i had noise bleeds and off course i won!!

because she can stop pissing me of with her attitude and she called me...well i cant say!!

desertpalms said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
desertpalms said...

aww cute..what did you call ur new puppy!

cheer up sweetie =( leish mo happy! *gives you a big hug*

and its zonnys bday? happy birthdayyy dude! =D

3aliya said...

it's not a puppy!!;p his name is dingo

madree i cnt find someone to cheer me up!!'s always me who does the cheering..and all!!;/

yeaaah it is!!;p

Anonymous said...


punching and bleeding @@

3aliya said...

yupe...ow i dont punch and kick and all but that girl pissed me off!!

ZoN said...

marely and me 3ajeeb.. kafee feeh jennifer il7ob :P

na3eeeemaan :D

all the best for toota and my good wishes goes to her.

w 3albaraka 3al sayara moqadaman.. allah ykafech sharha.

be happy dude!

mabrok ma yakom.

thanks for the birthday wishes :D

let me go buy redbull now :P

PaLoMiNo said...

Nabi nshooooooooooof ur DOG :D

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

I Love redbull! ;*

Anonymous said...

dingo? 7ilo :P hes an aussie! hehe

=( ohww im sorry to hear that..give yourself some time off from helping everyone else and focus on you and trying to make yourself happy!

i really hope you feel much better tomorrow inshallah! =D

S E 7 E N said...

a cat fight ???? are you serious ??

3aliya said...

EWWW jennfier anniston!!

allah yin3am 7alik!

thanx and your welcome!!;p

it's weird someone likes redbull other then me!!

LOOOL!!;p okay!!;p but he's at the shalayh now!!;p

REALLY?! madree laish ppl normaly hate it!!

YEAAH i like his name but i didnt name it!! he was already named so i thought of keeping his name!!

i'm okay now i was being daloo3a!!;p but thanx!!;p

S E 7 E N

puches, kicks, blood, broken hand, nose, scares!!

SO YEAH a real fight

ps: i had nothing broken!!

ZoN said...

7adich me7tara min jennifer aniston.. hehehe :P
she is hooooooot

3aliya said...

she's not she's too old!!

Stand-Alone~ said...

1. mabrook 3ala el dog.. yetraba fi 3izik inshallah
2. *high five* you rock girl for winning the cat fight
3. =( i want to loose too =(
5. Mabo0o0ok 3ala toota.. tell her i miss her and she better invite me for her wedding =p
6. LOOL @ your brother,, i should totally start watching gossip girl..
7. what car do you have in mind?
8. what did they name the baby?
9. Salaaaamtik =p

Anonymous said...

an other DOG :O

ttraba b3zkoum the lil lady , whats her name :P

a catfight ! wow ! XD

libero anima said...

aaaawwwh toota's wedding is in a month ! aaaaawwwwwwwwwhh im getting all teary and happy for her ! =D

aaaalf el 9alaaat wel salaaam 3alaaaaik ya 7abeeeeb allaaaaah mo7ammed .. kololololeeesh .. =D

wait i should save my voice for the wedding =p

:o catfight ? do tell ! ;)

zuz said...

awww thats so cute-- toota's wedding;p!!!, redbull is my love too(L)!!, loooool cat fight with who?!! o laaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiishhhhhhhhh not happy?!!!:(

Anonymous said...

Aww Toota getting married soon, I'm so happy for her =) Wooohooo family guy, I never get bored watching it over and over again.

Talking about car, I speed a lot lately, I'm so moody! I want a speed bike instead!

Another-Penelope said...

fight? about what?
cat fight? ok girls to girls then:P

hahaha gossip girl is fun:P

A Journal Entry said...

allaaah a dog!!

i've always wanted one!
bs abi wa7id emdarab o khali9 oo esabi7 3umrah eb 3umrah.. maly khulg ajablah abeeh bas 3ashan al3ab ma3ah ;p